5 things everyone should know about syrups

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Those who do not want to use white sugar often use syrups. Maple, rice, agave or sugar beet syrup are becoming more and more popular. What is worth knowing about them?

Sugar does not have a good reputation. Dentists, nutritionists and cardiologists complain about him. The effects of excessive sugar consumption are visible to the naked eye. Missing teeth, extra pounds, bad mood, difficulty concentrating, bacterial and fungal infections, wolf hunger attacks. All these phenomena have one common denominator. A taste for white sugar that has not yet worked for anyone. Those who cannot or do not want to give up sweets should look for healthier alternatives. Various syrups may be a recommended solution. Here are the most important facts worth knowing about them.

1. Syrup instead of sugar - less calories, different absorption

In the area of ​​caloric content, syrups beat sugar per head. On average, syrups have as much as 3 times less calories, and a much lower glycemic index. This means that blood sugar levels do not fluctuate rapidly. Effect? If we use syrups, sweets do not follow us, nor do attacks of wolf hunger appear.

sugar beet syrup

BIO Sugar Beet Syrup

2. Sweet syrups - vitamins and minerals

Syrups are healthier than sugar because, unlike sugar, they also contain vitamins and mineral salts. They contain iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc, as well as fiber.

rice syrup

BIO Rice Syrup

3. Various flavors of syrups and wide application

Syrups have a wide variety of flavors. For this reason, they work well in the kitchen as an addition to dishes that enriches their aroma, giving them, in addition to sweetness, an original taste.
Sugar beet syrup is thick and very sweet, delicate in taste, giving the dishes a slightly caramel note. A subtle nutty flavor is a characteristic feature of rice syrup
Coconut syrup is a real delicacy. It is quite rare and will appeal to fans of exotic cuisine, because it has a caramel flavor and aroma. It is also worth trying the ecological tapioca syrup, with a neutral taste and smell. It is especially suitable for home baking.
Syrups can be used for baking, sweetening desserts, drinks, preparing jellies, ice cream, cereals, pancakes, jams, and cottage cheese.

agave syrup

Agave Syrup BIO - Dark

4. Syrups that are sweeter than sugar

By using syrups instead of sugar, you can significantly reduce the number of calories consumed. Agave syrup - considered the healthiest sweetener in the world - is up to 3 times sweeter than traditional sugar. This means that you can use much less to achieve the desired level of sweetness for your coffee or the prepared cake. As a result, we eat less sugar and therefore fewer calories.

coconut syrup

BIO Coconut Syrup

5. Effortless slimming with syrups

Experts say that replacing sugar with syrups allows you to lose as much as 1.5 kg in a year. A tempting prospect, especially since it does not involve any sacrifices. You only need to change your eating habits a bit. For the benefit of the figure and more.
Healthy, all-natural syrups are an excellent alternative to sugar. Nutritionists have been convincing us for years that sugar is harmful. Today, having tasty and healthy substitutes at hand, it will be easier to take these recommendations to heart.

Tapioca syrup

BIO Tapioca Syrup

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