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A few words about stevia

Dried stevia leaves have the power and are an invaluable product in the kitchen. It is enough to reach for them once to be convinced immediately. As a health food store, we offer bio stevia, which, unlike traditional sugar, has much less calories, does not cause glucose spikes and does not ferment. Dried stevia leaves can be successfully, for example, ground or made into an extract - full freedom!

Stevia is a sweetener that has been known to the indigenous people of South America for many centuries. The leaves of the stevia plant were most often used in the widely understood traditional folk medicine, and also (or perhaps above all) as a natural sweetener for dishes, drinks and as a herbal ingredient in marinades for meats.

A few interesting facts about stevia

Stevia leaves for sweetening are very popular all over the world. Hardly anyone realizes that this plant has over 200 varieties . The best known and most widely used, however, is Stevia Rebaudiana, with its sweet-tasting leaves. The glycosides included in its composition are responsible for this, and more precisely two of them: stevioside and rebaudioside A, which are up to 300 times sweeter than sucrose. Importantly, these glycosides are not digested by the human body . Therefore, stevia leaves do not provide us with any calories.

A sweet ingredient in traditional cosmetics

Stevia Rebaudiana comes from Paraguay and grows up to about 50 cm. It was called a "sweet herb" by the inhabitants of tropical forests. In Europe, stevia leaves did not attract the slightest attention for a long time. This was the case until the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when the Swiss botanist MS Bertoni first classified, described in detail and studied stevia and its sweetening properties.

The real breakthrough, and hence the interest in stevia leaves, took place only in the seventies of the previous century. At that time, dried stevia leaves for sweetening stormed North American and Japanese cuisines. Since then, stevia has been used not only as a natural, calorie-free sugar substitute , but also an ingredient in marinades for meats and countless amounts of hair and skin toners, masks for firming and smoothing the skin and complexion, as well as toothpastes and mouthwashes.

In home cooking, bio stevia leaves encourage culinary experiments as well as rediscovering recipes. It is certainly worth ordering and trying it yourself, choosing additionally available organic spices , teas and organic herbs .

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BIO stevia leaves (dried)

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