Everything you need to know about pasta

Oct 21, 2019 Michał Pelc

Learn the secrets of pasta. Conversation with a noodle expert. My guest is Michał, who is responsible for the product at Bartolini. A family manufactory from Otwock. For 25 years they have been cultivating the art of creating pasta.

From our conversation you will learn, among other things:

  • How is pasta made?
  • Gluten-free pasta - why don't they fall apart?
  • Broth egg noodles - how many eggs are best
  • Egg yak uneven - what do producers add instead of eggs?
  • The shape of the pasta - does it affect the taste of the dish?
  • How do you recognize good pasta?
  • Durum wheat - what is it?
  • Clean label pasta - toppings in pasta
  • Can you eat pasta after its use-by date?

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