Simple baked cauliflower salad with tahina

Sep 03, 2019 Michał Pelc

I ate a baked cauliflower for the first time about a year ago. I don't know why, but my whole life I didn't even think that it could be baked. I have cooked in reins and steamed, but never baked in the oven. It was a mistake. In my opinion, baking is the most delicious way to prepare cauliflower.

Roasted cauliflower salad

This is a very simple and quite quick recipe. You can prepare it in 30 minutes, most of the time it takes to bake, and you can do something else during that time.

This is a very interesting combination, because it tastes great only with the sauce. The sauce alone and the baked vegetables are not as good as they are together. Prepare this recipe necessarily in this combination.

Watch the video for a recipe for a baked cauliflower salad

How to make baked cauliflower?

  • Wash the cauliflower and separate it into smaller pieces
  • Peel the carrot and cut it into rings about 1-1.5 cm thick
  • Dice the red onion into small cubes
  • Put the vegetables in a bowl and mix them
  • Add spices: cumin, sweet pepper and salt
  • Pour the olive oil evenly and mix thoroughly with your hands

adds spices to baked cauliflower

  • Put the vegetables on a baking sheet covered with paper

baked cauliflower in the oven

  • Bake for 25 minutes at 220 degrees with hot air

baked cauliflower recipe

  • Prepare the salad dressing while baking
  • Mix thoroughly with a whisk: tahini, olive oil, water, lemon juice, garlic and salt

tahini sauce for cauliflower

  • Ready sauce :)
  • Take the vegetables out of the oven and let them cool for a few minutes
  • Mix thoroughly with the sauce

cauliflower Salat

Salad ingredients:

Bake at 220 degrees for 25 minutes with hot air. 

Ingredients for the sauce:

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