Coconut products in the kitchen

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Do you like fresh, tropical flavors that bring to mind a paradise island? Are you a fan of healthy eating and using organic products in the kitchen? Then you will surely like coconut-based food. Flour, sugar or MCT oil from coconut are just some of the proposals made on the basis of this tasty and nourishing nut. If you want to buy from a proven source, with a natural composition and at a good price, visit the online store . Here you will find selected coconut products , which are an interesting and healthy alternative to traditional products.

Coconut flour, a new dimension in baking

Coconut flour is a completely natural product obtained by drying and degreasing the flesh of coconut. Instead of using plain wheat flour, be it for baking cakes, cookies or other treats, you can use coconut flour. It is a product completely gluten-free, therefore its use is recommended for people suffering from celiac disease or who want to eliminate gluten from their daily diet. Coconut flour, unlike traditional cereal flours, has more fiber, healthy fats and vitamins, and less carbohydrates. The assortment of includes the best coconut flour, derived from ecological Filipino crops.

BIO coconut sugar: sweet moments without remorse

Real coconut sugar is made by boiling the juice that comes from the buds of the coconut palm. The most valuable form of this sweetener has a light, creamy texture and an exceptionally delicate flavor. Organic coconut sugar has a low glycemic index. It is also a real ally of people on a slimming diet. It is perfect for sweetening home-made desserts, homemade muesli, as well as vegan cakes and cookies. It also works well as an ingredient of energy bars, intended primarily for people who train regularly. Coconut sugar also perfectly breaks dry flavors. When you buy it at, you can be sure that you are buying the most valuable, 100% bio product, in addition in a spacious package and at an attractive price.

Ecological MCT oil from coconut

MCT coconut oil , or Medium Chain Triglyceride, is a product rich in valuable fatty acids, which are rarely found in nature, but are very well absorbed by the human body. It is recommended both to athletes as an effective dose of energy, as well as to people on a slimming diet. MCT coconut oil is one of the most important ingredients of the drink, which has recently become more and more popular. We are talking about bulletproof coffee, which is so nutritious that it can successfully serve as a wholesome breakfast. You don't know where to buy this product? Need advice on the correct dosage of MCT coconut oil? Take a look at and you will receive professional support from a trusted producer of organic food.

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