Unrefined and refined coconut oil - in the kitchen and in cosmetics?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Due to the valuable composition and versatility of coke oil, its popularity is growing. Manufacturers offer two types of it - unrefined and refined. How do they differ and what is their use? Learn the fundamental difference and find out in what situations it can become your must-have.

Unrefined or refined oil

When deciding on coconut oil, we consciously choose a healthy product, expecting the highest quality oil. We want the selected oil to provide our body with all beneficial ingredients.

Cold-pressed unrefined oil retains health-promoting properties that have a beneficial effect on our body. It is the source of, among others calcium, potassium and sodium. The fatty acids it contains are of plant origin. It also has the smell and taste of coconut. The oil in this version is perfect for dishes served cold . Used in cosmetics, it will nourish and moisturize our skin.

Refined oil, treated at high temperature, loses many properties valuable for health. However, it works well in the kitchen, used for frying.

There is also a difference in the price of both products. In our online store you can buy unrefined oil for PLN 50/900 ml, and refined oil for PLN 30/900 ml. We cannot always afford to buy unrefined oil. Refined oil, although not so rich in minerals, is a healthy product for every budget. Therefore, it is worth buying in it - it is a good alternative to rapeseed oil.

Coconut oil works for everything

Thanks to its properties, coconut oil is perfect for every home. The wide range of applications makes it a versatile product. We can successfully use its beneficial ingredients when preparing dishes:

  • using it for frying as a substitute for butter
  • works as an addition to salads
  • instead of sugar - for coffee and tea

But it will also be great for everyday care :

  • when applied to the hair, it strengthens it and makes it grow
  • moisturizes the skin of the face, supports the fight against acne
  • copes with removing even waterproof makeup
  • soothes irritated skin.

These are just some of the uses of coconut oil. You can use it in many ways and use what nature has given us.

Unscented and refined coconut oil is a product that many of us have already convinced of . Its beneficial effect on the body and the possibility of using it in many areas makes it a timeless product! If you are thinking about buying, we invite you to visit our online store. You will find there the highest quality oils at competitive prices - the best opinions on the Polish market are the opinions of satisfied customers!

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