More and more people care about health through regular exercise, but also through the use of appropriate diets. We are not talking about starving, but aware of the preparation of consumed meals enriched with ecological products that have a positive impact on human health. Guar gum is one of these natural aids for healthy eating. And here is a surprise. Many of you will surely associate guar gum with some unhealthy, synthetic preservatives or flavor enhancers. Nothing more wrong! Here are the things you should know about guar gum and some facts that will convince you to use it.

Guar gum is a natural thickener that has long been used in the food, cosmetics and pharmacy industries. It is an organic chemical compound from the group of polysaccharides (complexed polysaccharides), and it is marked with the symbol E-412 (or another example of a natural substance that is hidden under the symbols E XXXX is fearful).
This substance is obtained from the legume seeds Cyamopsis tetragonoloba commonly known as guar. This plant from II. World War is used to produce this emulsifier. The global potentates in the production of this product are India and Pakistan as well as the USA and Brazil. Guar gum is in the form of a powder resembling a flour of white-gray or white-yellow color. It has no smell or taste, so it does not change the taste of dishes to which it is added.


Guar gum has thickening properties. It binds water without heating it. It also has strong gelling properties. Thanks to this, a small amount of it allows you to get the desired concentration effects. Its use is completely safe, guar is considered a substance harmless to health.
Guar gum in the food industry is most often used as a thickener. It is used for the production of jams, jellies, cereal flakes, porridges, carbonated beverages, low-calorie and gluten-free food. Thanks to its anti-coalescing properties (the combination of particles of the scattered substance) it is also great as an ingredient of dairy products, homogenized cheese, spreads, as well as fermented cream products and other food preparations containing live bacterial cultures. Guar gum is also used to bake various types of cakes and bread. It is one of the ingredients in the production of dried vegetables and fruits, and dragees, pastilles, breath freshening tablets. Guar gum is also a component of many confectionery products. In addition to the food industry, it is also used in cosmetics as an admixture of even creams, and in pharmacy for the production of tablets (especially those for slimming).

The benefits of using guar gum

In addition to thickening dishes, sauces, desserts, guar gum is also helpful in the process of slimming. Guar gum supports the weight loss process, because thanks to its use in the daily diet, we achieve a faster feeling of satiety. This is due to the fact that guar gum is a natural soluble ... fiber that swells in the stomach after ingestion. Its main ingredient is galactomannan, which is not digested in the gastrointestinal tract, so it does not provide any calories. In addition, the gum facilitates maintaining the optimal pH level in the digestive tract and multiplication of beneficial bacterial flora in the intestines. This product also supports the process of treating constipation and it is useful to prevent colorectal cancer. It is also helpful for people suffering from constipation or wishing to regulate the work and bowel movements.

The three most important things to remember about guar gum are:

guar gum is a safe and natural thickening agent widely used in the food industry
it can be used at home as an addition to dishes for thickening
is a natural diet enriching and slimming aids.

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