Organic Virgin Black Cumin Oil

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Egyptian black cumin oil is a product that has been extracted for many centuries. Recently, it is more and more appreciated among people who are interested in healthy eating. Aromatic black cumin seed oil from the health food store is cold pressed using a screw press at a temperature below 38°C . Thanks to this, it does not lose its valuable properties.

Egyptian black seed oil

Cold-pressed organic black cumin oil has a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids (approximately 80%) , including: omega-6 linoleic acid, omega-3 oleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid. These bio vegetable oils are also a natural source of vitamin E. They have a slightly bitter taste and an intense, spicy smell. In the kitchen, it should only be used cold (e.g. for sauces or salads) . In order for bio Egyptian black cumin oil to retain all its properties, it should be stored at a low temperature/

Product information

Producer: Michał Pelc ANAGRAM, Wiarusa 3/3, 32-087 Zielonki

100% BIO Cold-pressed black seed oil (cold-pressed)

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net quantity:



Product from organic farming, certified: PL-EKO-03.

Allergens: The product may contain gluten, peanuts and other nuts, sesame and soya due to packaging in the plant where products containing these allergens are packaged.
Expiration date: All products come from regular deliveries.

Nutritional values of black cumin oil

Nutritional value in 100g of the product:
Energy value 3700 kJ / 900 kcal
Fat 100g
including saturated fatty acids 7 hours
Carbohydrates 0 g
including sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

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Andrzej Piotrowski

Rewelacyjnej jakości olej. Do smarowania skóry z problemami jak i do celów spożywczych