Organic Shea Butter 240g

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What is shea butter?

Shea butter is a natural vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the African Vitellaria Paradoxa tree. Shea butter is extremely rich in unsaturated fatty acids, exceeding those contained in, among others, cocoa butter. Refined to get rid of a specific smell. Butter has a white or slightly yellowish color and a slightly grainy consistency. In African countries, it is often used for frying. They are also used as a substitute for cocoa butter. Where to buy shea butter? Visit the Ekogram store!

How does shea butter work on our skin and what are its properties?

The most important ingredient of Shea butter are unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic), which are crucial for moisturizing our skin. They are also valued for the lack of allergenic properties. It can be used for all skin types.

How do I use shea butter?

Immediately before use, shea butter should be warmed up and softened in the hands, and then applied to selected parts of the body or hair. 1 - 2 tablespoons of butter can be added to the bath, leaving a delicate protective layer on the skin.

If you use shea butter on your hair, it is recommended to massage it into the scalp about 10-30 minutes before washing it. Wrap the head with a towel. After this time, wash off with a delicate shampoo. After such treatment, our hair will become shiny and moisturized.

Shea butter can also be used as a natural balm or lip scrub. All you have to do is dissolve a small amount and add a little sugar (cane, coconut or plain white). Such a mixture will nourish the skin of our lips, moisturize and smooth them.

Shea butter should be stored at room temperature. Avoid excessively heated places.

Shea butter - an ingredient in many cosmetics

In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, shea butter also contains valuable vitamins: A, E, F and substances that improve skin elasticity. For this reason, shea butter is one of the ingredients of oiling creams, body lotions, after sun creams, shampoos, masks and conditioners for daily hair care. It has a moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing effect, can be used for all skin types , but it is most effective for dry and irritated skin. Shea butter can also play a protective role - it soothes all irritations, supports wound healing and protects against sunlight, frost and wind. Shea butter is available at an attractive price and has good customer feedback.

Product information

Producer: Michał Pelc ANAGRAM, Wiarusa 3/3, 32-087 Zielonki

100% BIO Shea butter, unscented (refined)

Country of origin of the raw material:

West Africa

Net quantity:



The product comes from organic farming, covered by the certificate: PL-EKO-03.

Allergens: The product may contain gluten, peanuts, other nuts, sesame and soy due to the packaging in the plant where products containing these allergens are packed.
Expiration date: All products come from regular deliveries.

Shea butter nutritional values

Nutritional value in 100g of the product:

Energy value 3780 kJ / 900 kcal
Fat 99.99 g
-saturated fatty acids 50 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
including sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g