Zero waste shop

Zero waste shop

Zero waste is an idea very close to me. We live faster and more comfortably, all at the expense of the amount of waste generated. Plastic bags and bags are pressed to us at every possible opportunity.

It is quite a challenge for a producer of organic food. We have to pack our products in something to keep them fresh. I have felt bad for the last few years packing our products in resealable plastic doypack packages. I was looking for a suitable solution for a long time.

Someone may say that this path is so simple. Pack everything in paper and it's done !!

In my opinion, in most cases, this is just plain eyeballing. Products packed in paper are usually packed in paper covered with foil on the inside. From the outside it looks great, eco, but in practice it is even worse solution than plastic packaging.

Here, by the way, I must point out that we cannot use only paper packaging. They do not provide a sufficient barrier and do not protect most products sufficiently. In addition, they are completely unsuitable for slightly moist products, such as dried fruit, which would make such a packaging wet.

What to do then?

The only solution that I think works is a glass jar.

Products in jars

zero waste cocoa in a jar

Zero waste Krakow

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