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Energy bars

Energy bars serve not only athletes , but anyone looking for an alternative to highly processed sweets. Healthy bars are also perfect for children - they satisfy the desire for something sweet, but they are also perfect for travel, when you do not want to give up a good composition, but you have limited options. The RawBite energy bar consists of organic, dried fruits and nuts , thanks to which we do not need to add sugar to it. A skilful combination of ingredients means that healthy bars do not need artificial substances and enhancers - thanks to this you can be sure that you choose a product that is good for your body. Discover all the flavors - which one will become your favourite?

RawBite - healthy energy bars

We produce RawBite bars in accordance with the principles of raw food, i.e. without the use of high temperature. As of today, we offer nine flavor variants, so you won't get bored of our healthy snacks. The basic ingredients of RawBite bars are:

  • dates,
  • raisins,
  • nuts - most often cashews and almonds.

The bars also contain additional ingredients , e.g. cocoa, natural flavors or proteins - so you can reach for a fruit bar or bet on an extra dose of protein! Regardless of which version you choose, don't worry about the composition, because each bar is gluten-free and dairy-free.

Energy bars - snacks for special tasks

Energy bars will work if:

  • you are going to the mountains,
  • Are you running out of ideas for a snack at work?
  • you feel like something sweet, but you don't want to eat highly processed sweets with poor composition,
  • are you looking for a healthy snack for school for your children,
  • you need snacks suitable for athletes,
  • and you don't want to eat unhealthy products while traveling,
  • you are looking for a high-energy product that takes up little space and will fit even in a small purse, sachet or even in your pocket,
  • you can only eat gluten-free products or you limit gluten in your diet.

A health food store is not only vegetable proteins, natural spices, herbal teas or natural rice. They are also delicious energy bars that help in many different situations.

No time to make healthy bars? Buy them in our store

There are many recipes for fruit bars or healthy bars for children on the Internet. However, you may not have time to prepare snacks yourself, or simply don't feel like it. In our store you can buy healthy protein bars and RawBite bars. Thanks to this, you will not only save time, but above all, spend your money wisely. The bars are gluten-free, free from pointless added sugar and unnecessary enhancers that you will find in highly processed sweets in popular supermarkets.