Should everyone eliminate gluten?

Oct 19, 2022 Michał Pelc

Last week there was a few words about the sources of carbohydrates in the diet, and on this occasion there are often questions and doubts about gluten. You can read what it is like and whether everyone should eliminate it in today's text.

First, let's explain what gluten is

It consists of 2 proteins: gliadin and glutenin, found in seeds of some plants, which, when combined with water, form gluten. This substance is of great technological importance in food processing: it gives the dough flexibility, improves the texture and consistency of the products . Probably everyone who tried to make a gluten-free dough for dumplings found out by simply replacing the traditional flour with a gluten-free variant;)

Gluten must be avoided by celiac patients

In this disease, even a minimal amount of it is harmful. The problem also applies to people with non-celiac hypersensitivity to gluten - here the matter is more complicated due to the problematic diagnosis of this ailment. If you suspect a gluten tolerance problem in yourself or a loved one - do specialized research before you decide to go on a restrictive diet. After a long period of non-exposure, the results may be skewed. Often, the problem may also be the proteins found in wheat, not necessarily the gluten itself - research on this is ongoing.

So who can suspect a gluten problem?

  • people suffering from autoimmune diseases, which are additionally accompanied by intestinal disorders,
  • people suffering from migraines,
  • people with skin problems who do not improve with conventional treatment.

Is it worth eliminating gluten "just in case"?

There is no such need, but it is worth limiting its amount, especially if gluten grains constitute the majority of your diet. First of all, due to the fact that the diet should be diverse, and naturally gluten-free products , such as cheap and easily available groats, are a great supplement to the menu.

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