Buckwheat pancakes are an instant recipe for delicious buckwheat pancakes. They are neutral in taste, so you can prepare them the way you like, sweet, dry or spicy. They are gluten free pancakes, but nonetheless they do not break and are bouncy and curl.

How to prepare buckwheat pancakes?

  • Pour a glass of buckwheat (170g) into a bowl, pour lukewarm water and leave for at least 8 hours.
  • After soaking, rinse the groats in a strainer and pour them back into the bowl.
  • Add a glass of lukewarm water, a pinch of salt and blend the groats
  • Add another portion of water - 1/4 cup and blend again
  • The dough will come out watery and lumpy. It's supposed to be like that, don't worry
  • Preheat the pan well and brush the minimum amount of fat with a brush, e.g. unscented coconut oil or clarified butter
  • Pour enough dough to cover the entire pan
  • Fry until almost all of the dough is solid and turn the side of the pancake around
  • Serve with your favorite toppings

If you want to make pancakes for breakfast, pour water on the porridge the day before going to bed, and for dinner, in the morning before going to work.

To prevent the pancakes from sticking to the pan, heat it up strongly. After a few pancakes, the burner power can be turned down as the pan may get too hot.

You can add fat every 2 pancakes, just brush the pan with a brush with a minimum amount of fat.

Recipe for buckwheat pancakes

Soaked buckwheat

I blend buckwheat with water and a pinch of salt

This is how the finished buckwheat pancake dough looks like

The dough is liquid and lumpy

I pour the dough onto a very hot frying pan, smeared with a little fat

I fry until the dough is firm

I turn and fry for a while on the other side

I pull delicately browned pancakes from the pan

This is what buckwheat pancakes look like after frying

The recipe comes from the book Jadłonomia in Polish by Marta Dymek

I haven't eaten that yet

This series of films encourages you to experiment in the kitchen. In this series, I prepare dishes that I have never made myself. I want to show you that cooking is not difficult at all. I choose interesting dishes from cookbooks and prepare them together for the first time. Check out my new series on YouTube. The recipe comes from the book Jadłonomia in Polish by Marta Dymek

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