Clarified butter private label manufacturer

We make private labels. Do you want to create your own brand of clarified butter - ghee

We offer a comprehensive service. We produce organic ghee butter and conventional ghee butter.

See how our ghee butter is made

Clarified butter private label - own brand

Manufacturer of clarified butter under the client's brand.

Clarified butter can be delivered in large containers (barrels, buckets) for horeca (restaurants / hotels / catering).

Confectionery of ghee butter

Clarified butter in a jar under the client's brand. We offer a comprehensive service from A to Z. We have various types and sizes of jars and caps (lids). Our automatic bottling line for ghee butter can produce up to 50,000 pieces of your ghee butter every month.

Label printing / Labeling

We have a colorful label printer. Without additional costs of polymers and blanking dies, we can print labels for your ghee butter.


Our manufacture has organic certificate for the processing and sale of organic products.


Michal Pelc

Private label for organic food

See our full offer for the production of a private label for organic food.

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