ekogram - plac Na Stawach 10, Cracow

We invite you to our company store in Krakow. The prices are the same as in our on-line store. In addition, we have many other organic delicacies not available in the online store.

Health food store Cracow

Our store's offer includes: peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, grains and other stones, cold pressed oils (extra virgin), pods, healthy snacks, dishes for children. We offer a large selection of certified organic farming products from our own processing plant. We are under the control of Cobico - a certification body.

We invite you to our store at Na Stawach Square in Salwator in Cracow.

Collection of online orders

Orders placed online are ready for collection in the store after receiving a message titled: "Order ready to receive". Usually orders are completed quickly. However, sometimes there may be a product missing from the order and we have to prove it from the main warehouse. Then the order may be ready only on the next day. We invite you after receiving the message.

Payment by card

We accept payments by payment cards and Apple Pay.

sklep ze zdrową żywnością płatność kartą

Where to buy healthy food in Cracow

You often ask yourself this question. We invite you to our store at Plac Na Stawach.

Organic store Cracow

ekogram - the real food
plac Na Stawach 10
30-107 Kraków
Tel: 12 421 01 00

Opening hours

Monday 9:00-18:00
Tuesday 9:00-18:00
Wednesday 9:00-18:00
Thursday 9:00-18:00
Friday 9:00-18:00
Saturday 9:00-14:00
Sunday Closed

How to get to us

Shop at Plac Na Stawach in Salwator. Our store is located at the main entrance to the square at the intersection of ul. Senatorska and Kraszewskiego. For our clients there is a free car park at the back of the square (the first 30min).

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