What is coconut mousse? Everything you need to know about him

Oct 21, 2022 Michał Pelc

What is coconut mousse

Coconut mousse is made by grinding coconut flesh. You could say that it is a coconut "peanut butter". Coconut mousse can also be compared to coconut jam, only without sugar.

Real coconut mousse should not contain any additives, such as sugar, other preservatives or dyes.

At room temperature, coconut mousse has a rather firm consistency. After gently heating it takes on the consistency of a thick cream.

Coconuts are quite a fatty nut, which is why coconut mousse naturally also contains a lot of fat (coconut oil). Due to the lack of additives, this oil separates on the surface over time. This is a natural phenomenon and should not be feared.

Coconut mousse and coconut oil

Coconut mousse and coconut oil seem to be similar products, but they are very different from each other.

  • Coconut mousse is ground coconut

  • Coconut oil is only the fat itself, pressed from coconut

Coconut oil is mainly used for frying and as a cosmetic for skin and hair.

Coconut mousse is used as a topping of sweet cakes. As a base for homemade coconut milk and an ingredient in desserts. You cannot fry on coconut mousse, because it is not just fat.

What to use coconut mousse for?

Coconut topping

My favorite use of coconut mousse is sweet cake topping. Prepare your favorite pancakes, pancakes, omelette or other pies. Put a few tablespoons of the mousse on them and wait a minute. The coconut mousse will melt from the temperature of the cakes and after a while it will melt beautifully into the cakes. For me, this is what it tastes best.

Homemade milk / coconut milk

Often I just need a little coconut milk for a specific dish and the whole can is too much for me. This is where coconut mousse comes in handy. You can prepare exactly as much milk as you need from it. You can prepare them in two ways:

  1. In a blender - mix xxx coconut mousse with a glass of water and it's ready

  2. When you need coconut milk that you will use warm. For example, you want to cook porridge or rice with coconut milk. Just add a couple of spoons to the cooking rice / porridge. Wait a few seconds for it to dissolve in the pot and mix thoroughly. Ready

Millet rafello - coconut mousse dessert



Where to buy coconut mousse?


Our BIO Coconut Mousse can be found in every Rossmann store in the health food section. He is looking for a yellow jar on the shelf, among other things, there will be colored jars. Our organic coconut mousse costs PLN 14.99 in rossmann for a 250g jar. With the Rossmann app, it can often be purchased cheaper.


In the largest Carrefour stores, you will also find our coconut mousse in the organic department.


In our online store you will find organic coconut mousse in various weights. Including large - more economical packaging at a better price. I invite you to ekogram.pl


In Krakow, in Salwator, we have our company store. In which we have a large supply of coconut mousse. I invite you to: Plac Na Stawach 10.

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