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  • BIO High quality pasta
    BIO High quality pasta
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    Pasta is a tasty element of many dishes, but is often perceived as a high-calorie product, standing on the way to the dream figure. This is of course a myth, however, traditional pasta has its counterpart in an even healthier form - high quality BIO pasta. See how valuable our pasta is and do not hesitate to buy - we deliver it to your home for free!

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  • Vegetable products rich in protein
    Vegetable products rich in protein
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    Protein is one of the basic ingredients of a healthy diet. In order to provide the body with its necessary amount, you should consume products containing this valuable ingredient. However, in everyday diets, there are often products that are a source of wholesome protein. Against this problem, there are protein-rich plant products. On their basis you can prepare many delicious and healthy dishes. We suggest which of them contain the most protein.

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  • Is butter healthy?
    Is butter healthy?
    1642 Wyświetleń Lubi to

    Butter clarified with a specific recipe and vegetable butter are becoming more and more popular. It is a great replacement for traditional butter, which not everyone was able to convince. Vegans use them successfully. What do they hide, how do they work on the body? And is such butter healthy? See for yourself!

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  • Peanuts - nutritional properties of nuts
    Peanuts - nutritional properties of nuts
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    Peanut peanuts, colloquially referred to as peanuts or peanuts, are a rich source of protein, and at the same time a natural aphrodisiac. They taste great in unprocessed form, and even better in the form of peanut butter. They appeared for the first time in Brazil, but soon became known all over the world. Few people know that peanuts are actually not nuts at all, but legumes. They have not only exquisite taste, but also a number of nutritional properties.

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  • Coconut products in the kitchen
    Coconut products in the kitchen
    1170 Wyświetleń Lubi to

    Do you like fresh, tropical flavors that bring to mind the paradise island? Are you a fan of healthy eating and using organic products in the kitchen? In that case, the coconut based food will surely appeal to you. Flour, sugar or MCT oil from coconut are just some of the suggestions obtained on the basis of this tasty and nutritious nut. If you want to buy from a reliable source, with a natural composition and at a good price, visit the online store.

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  • Recipe for homemade coconut and chocolate bars
    Recipe for homemade coconut and chocolate bars
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    The picnic is over, but I have something for you for the sweetness. Delicious chocolate-coconut chocolate bars. All you need is our coconut paste, coconut flakes, coconut milk, chocolate drops and maple syrup.

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