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  • Why is it worth eating black cumin?
    Why is it worth eating black cumin?
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    Can you imagine a wonderful remedy that affects almost any ailment? Although it seems impossible, the Egyptians in ancient times considered black cumin to be a plant that is able to fight all diseases. Today, it turns out that in many matters these observations are confirmed by the greatest medical authorities. Czarnuszka is an excellent means of combating bacteria, viruses and improving various shortcomings of beauty. It is worth it, therefore

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  • Legumes - an excellent source of protein
    Legumes - an excellent source of protein
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    Until recently, leguminous vegetables were considered to be food for the poor. After a wave of delight over various exotic products from the group of super foods, the time has come to return to native products. And very well, because modern kitchen has greatly utilized them using the maximum of their healthy composition, taste and appearance. Here are some reasons why you should eat legumes. Leguminous vegetables have a great sate, they do not cost much and you can eat them

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  • Chia seed oil - 3 reasons why you should use it
    Chia seed oil - 3 reasons why you should use it
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    Chia seed oil has similar properties to the seeds of this unusual plant. It is rich in ingredients that have a very positive effect on our body. Why is it worth including this oil in your diet? Here are a few reasons. Chia oil, next to a multitude of vitamins and micronutrients, is distinguished by the highest content of omega 3 acids that can be obtained from plants. Thus, it becomes a commendable component that supplements a valuable, balanced diet

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  • Berberis - what is it?
    Berberis - what is it?
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    Barberries are becoming more and more common in health food stores. And here in the mind of many people the question arises: turn it into your diet or not? We advise: TURN ON! Why? It turns out that in this inconspicuous plant there are many pro-health properties. It is worth reaching for it, especially now, in autumn and winter. Fruits, dried leaves, or barberry bark is after all health at your fingertips. Let's check what is worth knowing

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  • Brazil nuts - a source of health and beauty
    Brazil nuts - a source of health and beauty
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    Brazil nuts are one of the more popular snacks. Even people who do not pay much attention to the composition of the diet, associate their unusual, oblong shape for even tasty and filling student mixes. Obviously the biggest nuts of this mixture are the fruit of the Brazilian nut. Few people know that they are valued not only for their taste, but also for pro-health properties. What? see

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  • Young barley - is it really such a hit?
    Young barley - is it really such a hit?
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    Some time ago a young barley appeared on the Polish market, which according to many reports is responsible for the slim silhouettes of many celebrities. According to media reports, young barley is easy to lose weight, is 100% natural, healthy, improves skin tone, hair and nails status, and also causes an increase in energy and vitality. It is difficult to recommend a better one. And how is it really? Let's check it.

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  • How to use milk thistle?
    How to use milk thistle?
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    Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a plant that many of us consider to be an ordinary thistle. Often it attracts the eye with beautiful purple flowers, but its health properties are usually unknown. Time to change it, because this plant is a real phenomenon.

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  • Healthy groats ... So everything you need to know about this product
    Healthy groats ... So everything you need to know about this product
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    Groats is a product that has been hosted on our tables for years. Some time ago, it enjoyed moderate popularity - it was not the most frequently chosen supplement in heavy Polish cuisine - of course, apart from barley and buckwheat. It's a pity. Currently, we have many species of groats on the market and we have been discovering this product for some time. After all, it's a way of light and tasty dishes. It is worth including them in your daily diet if you care about p

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  • Grain underestimated: sesame
    Grain underestimated: sesame
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    Sesame is one of the oldest oil plants in the world. In Poland, he appeared in Sarmatian times, meaning much earlier than popular chocolate. Despite the long presence on our tables, the beneficial effect of sesame seeds on our health is definitely undervalued. Let's check what properties this plant contains and how it can be used.

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  • Healthy snacks - 5 ideas for healthy snacking
    Healthy snacks - 5 ideas for healthy snacking
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    What to eat in the so-called meantime, when there is still some time left for dinner or supper? With this question many people who are working or learning are struggling every day. When the stomach persistently demands food, it is easy to be tempted to reach for a candy bar or random fast food. And you can bet on healthy snacks ...

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  • Vegan cake - 2 recipes that always go well!
    Vegan cake - 2 recipes that always go well!
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    Most people think that vegans who give up meat and animal products have a very poor diet. Nothing could be more wrong. Vegans have a very varied diet, extremely healthy and most often surprising their solutions - especially people who are alien to their lifestyle. Here are two proofs of it.

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  • How to use coconut oil - 3 best recipes with its use
    How to use coconut oil - 3 best recipes with its use
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    Coconut oil - what we have written many times - is not an invented marketing product, only an ingredient that really works well in the kitchen. Fat in the coconut is formed from a hard flesh called whites. It has the form of a liquid oil with a coconut smell. Refining makes it take on a hard, odorless form of white fat, which is great for frying.

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