Homemade lemonade has been my favorite drink all summer. Perfectly quenches thirst.

How to make lemonade?

  • Pour about 3/4 of the water into the jug
  • Add BIO Lemon Juice
  • Add the BIO Agave Syrup
  • Mix well
  • Add the rest of the water


Homemade lemonade tastes best when prepared with light agave syrup. The lemonade may slightly foam while mixing, so do not add all the water at the beginning.

Lemon lemonade is best served chilled with ice.

Lemonade recipe

  • Water - preferably sparkling - 700g
  • BIO Lemon juice - 170g
  • BIO Agave syrup light - 110g

How to make lemonade without sugar?

  • Pour BIO Erythritol into the pot
  • Pour about 150ml - 200ml of water over it
  • Heat it on a burner on medium power and stir it every now and then
  • Erythritol will dissolve after a while
  • Add the dissolved erythritol to the rest of the water
  • Add BIO Lemon juice
  • Mix well


Note: erythritol in large amounts can have a laxative effect if we have not used it in our diet before.

Lemonade recipe without sugar

  • Water - preferably sparkling - 700g
  • BIO Lemon juice - 170g
  • BIO Erythritol - 140g

The best way to prepare homemade lemonade is to use BIO Lemon Juice

Organic lemon juice

We start with pouring about 3/4 portions of 700g of water

add water

Add BIO Lemon Juice

add lemon juice

Then add the BIO Agave Syrup and mix thoroughly

add agave syrup

Finally, add the rest of the water

add water

Pour BIO Erythitol into a saucepan

add erytrtitol

We add about 200 ml of water

add water

Gently heat the water on a medium-power burner, stirring it for a while. The erythritol will dissolve quickly.

robię syrop z erytrytolu

Dissolved erythritol is added to the rest of the water

heat eryrtritol

We add lemon juice

add lemon juice

Mix thoroughly and the sugar-free lemonade is ready

lemonade mixing

Homemade lemonade tastes best with ice

lemonade tastes best with ice

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