The prizes were supposed to be 3, but I liked the 4 rules so much that I do not have the heart to award only 3 prizes.

1st Place - Millet and coconut truffles - Magdalena Kapała

Half a glass of porridge washed and boiled in a glass of coconut milk (maybe half a half of water), 3/4 of 70% bitter melted chocolate, 3/4 a pot of coconut paste @ekogram and 80g dates (about half a glass) I poured dates with boiling water to make them softer and I cut it tight. I blended the grits, chocolate, paste, dates into a smooth mass and chilled in the fridge until it could be made of balls :) balls coated in powder from freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries. Of course, you can coat them in, for example, chips or bitter chocolate

2. Place - Curry with coconut paste - Nikola Mikolowska

Ingredients: 6 tablespoons of coconut paste, quinoa (1/3 cup), 10 dates, 2 medium beets, 1 st canned beans, tofu cubes: sweet and hot pepper, coriander powder, tamari soy sauce, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger (in any amount). Cut all ingredients, add quinoa and spices. When the cabbage softens, add the paste and cook the time. Ready

3rd Place - Apple pudding with coconut paste - Barbara Giertuga

Two grated apples, boil with a little water until it softens. Add a tablespoon of paste, a flat spoon of coconut flour and you're done! Fast simple and what a good one! If you like mousse, you can blanch

4th Place - Ice cream with coconut paste - Justyna Mamala

today we have found that 250g pasta does not work with us and we ordered :)
is probably one of the leading products in our kitchen, and it works mainly when we need coconut milk quickly, or we feel like ... ??? ice cream frozen before sliced ​​bananas blend with a large spoon of coconut paste, cocoa, dates / raisins, sometimes add tahini or hazelnut pastes - space!

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