Ghee is a concept derived from Indian cuisine and means clarified butter. Ayurveda assigns him a whole range of positive properties that are beneficial to health. In our cultural circle is more known mainly due to its culinary qualities, but it's time to change it. This is why you should be interested in ghee.

Traditional Hindu medicine regarded ghee as the elixir of life. Mention of him can be found even in Kamasutra. It was supposed to stimulate the natural vital forces of the body and clean it of harmful substances. Ghee is obtained by very slow heating of the butter until the water evaporates and the solids are separated. The result is "liquid gold" - butter in the purest form, without any impurities.

Ayurvedic medicine for many ailments

Hindu and Pakistani cuisine has been successfully using ghee for hundreds of years because of its digestive properties. Hence its popularity for frying, stewing and baking. Consumption of clarified butter was also attributed to paramedical properties. Ghee works detoxifyingly, supports concentration, prevents anemia, alleviates inflammation of the digestive tract and accelerates wound healing. Ayurvedic masters even say that because it is butter in the purest form, it does not clutter our minds and does not interfere with the natural energy of our body.

Healthy fat useful every day

You do not need to be an advocate of Ayurvedic teachings to appreciate the advantages of ghee butter. For quite a large group of people, a sufficient recommendation is that clarified butter is lactose-free and cow's milk protein. It can be used to replace traditional butter in people with intolerance to these ingredients. Consuming clarified butter will be good for everyone regardless of age: from infants to seniors.
Ghee clarified butter can be used instead of cow's butter, that is, to add vegetables, soups, groats, pasta, fish, prepare on it dough, bake, fry, simmer. It is worth noting that ghee can be heated to very high temperatures. It begins to burn only at 205 degrees ° C. It is delicate, easy to digest and tasty, with a slightly noticeable nutty note.

Ghee clarified butter has a long shelf life. It can be stored without a refrigerator for up to 3 months. At a temperature below 18 degrees, this period is 6 months, and in conditions of up to 4 degrees it is extended to a year.
If you want to add energy, and at the same time take care of a young look and eat tasty, you must try ghee butter. This product will certainly not disappoint anyone. His fans even say that if it was not for the fact that they use it themselves, they would never believe that such a wonderful and tasty product can really exist.

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