How to make popcorn in a pot?

Popcorn is my favorite snack for a movie or favorite series. I used to buy microwave popcorn because it seemed convenient to use, unlike the grains to be prepared in a pot. I don't know why it seemed difficult to me. Back then, I wasn't paying attention to the ingredients in my snacks. read more

Kotlety z kaszy jaglanej - wegańskie

Szybki i prosty przepis na kotlety jaglane z książki "Polka Przy Garach, czyli jak gotować i nie zwariować". read more

How to Choose Right Peanut Butter

In stores we have a wealth of various butters, pastes and nut creams. It's hard to find it. That's why I decided to prepare this guide for you. read more

Wegański makaron kokosowo cytrynowy (danie jednogarnkowe)

Przepis na to szybkie jednogarnkowe wegańskie danie dostałem od naszej Klientki Pani Eli. Dziękuję! Każdy z nas czasem wraca zmęczony z pracy, na dodatek głodny i bez pomysłu co przygotować. To danie przygotujesz w jednym garnku, nie robiąc bałaganu w kuchni w 15-20min. Jak smakuje? Musisz spróbować read more

Types of food salt - which one to choose?

Food salt is a difficult topic. This spice gives the dishes taste, and in addition provides many valuable minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and manganese. read more

Dlaczego warto jeść suszone owoce?

More and more people pay attention to what lands in their basket. That's great! It's time to take dried fruits under the microscope. read more

Why is it worth eating nuts?

They are nutritious, filling and have beneficial effects on the whole body. Why is it worth eating nuts and do you have to be afraid of a high fat content in even a small portion? What are the health properties of nuts? Can nuts help lose weight despite its high calorie? How to eat them? In this article we will dispel all doubts about nuts. read more

Private label - organic food manufacturer

Private label - what exactly is it? The history of private labels is closely related to large retail stores. It was the supermarkets that first came up with the idea of ​​creating their own brands for the most popular products in their chains. The retail store outsources the production of product of their choice to an external company, and this one produces this product in a packaging with their logo.. This is the easiest way to explain what a private label is. read more

Power balls - healthy snack (raspberry)

Power balls are a good idea for a healthy and tasty snack. read more

Superfood - natural and healthy food

Superfood is a natural healthy food with extraordinary properties. No more artificial dietary supplements - well-balanced, nutritious meals and vitamin bombs in the form of superfood are enough for you. Or maybe you have a deficiency in the body? Do you want to improve your health? Below is a list of superfoods products that will help you learn how to eat healthy and tasty. read more
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