Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular nowadays. In contrast to cosmetic products produced on a massive scale, they are completely free of artificial additives, and therefore completely safe and neutral to the skin. We will not find them on drugstore shelves. They also do not have fancy packaging, which, as in the case of commercial cosmetics, could distract attention from the composition. They come from a trusted source, they are harmless to the environment and minimally packed. Where can you buy natural cosmetics and ecological cleaning products? What to pay special attention to? Here are some useful tips.

A proven producer of eco cosmetics and cleaning products

The recommended address, under which you will find a wide selection of natural and organic products, including food, cosmetics and cleaning products, is the online store. Shea butter, unrefined coconut oil, Dead Sea salt or baking soda are just some of the suggestions included in the extensive range of the store. Ekogram, as a direct producer of cosmetics and cleaning products, guarantees their highest quality, including proven raw materials from certified crops and natural production conditions.

Natural shea butter - for the body, hair and lips

Shea butter is a fully natural vegetable oil, abundant in unsaturated fatty acids that perfectly moisturize and protect the skin. The cosmetic does not cause any allergic reactions, therefore it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin type. Shea butter can be successfully used both as a body lotion, as a hair nourishing mask or as a lip peeling (eg in combination with bio cane sugar). Proper use of this ecological cosmetic requires prior warming and softening in the hands, which in itself is also a very pleasant experience.

Purity without the use of chemistry

A clean and well-maintained home does not have to mean the necessity of using chemical cleaning products that have corrosive properties and thus can be dangerous both for our health and the condition of the environment. Commercial cleaning products should be replaced with cleaning products with a natural composition. Noteworthy, for example, baking soda or citric acid, which allow you to effectively remove even difficult dirt. In turn, in the role of ecological stain remover for fabrics, borax will work, from which you can quickly prepare a special cleaning paste. All listed cleaning products can be purchased online at the ecommerce store in large packages and at competitive prices.

Bio coconut oil - health that smells of tropics

It is a natural, unrefined product that will work not only in the kitchen, but also in the daily care of the body and hair. The fatty acids present in coconut oil deeply nourish the skin, thanks to which it can be used as a natural cream and body lotion. Its use is particularly recommended for people with dehydrated and acne skin. American research suggests, however, that organic coconut oil has a very good effect on the condition of hair, which becomes healthier, stronger and more shiny due to its health. The best results can be obtained by using this bio oil both in everyday care with cosmetics and as an addition to dishes.

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