Butter clarified with a specific recipe and vegetable butter are becoming more and more popular. It is a great replacement for traditional butter, which not everyone was able to convince. Vegans use them successfully. What do they hide, how do they work on the body? And is such butter healthy? See for yourself!

A healthy replacement for traditional butter

Do you love fresh bread generously spread with butter? We have a healthy solution for you! Ghee butter is characterized by a unique taste - it is delicate and at the same time more expressive than ordinary butter. It contains only healthy fat, therefore it can be used by allergy sufferers and people intolerant to milk proteins. The secret of its properties is the method of obtaining. Ghee arises as a result of clarification of the highest quality of fresh and unsalted butter derived from cow's milk. Slow heating results in the separation of any impurities from the proper, full-value product.

Ghee provides the body with essential vitamins - A, D, E and K, it is easily digestible, accelerates metabolism, and above all does not affect the increase in blood cholesterol. It has a beneficial effect on the whole body - it strengthens it and supports the work of the brain. Ghee butter added to the dishes makes them taste better and become more easily digestible.

Vegetable butter in a healthy diet

Vegetable equivalents of classic butter is a great solution for vegans and for those who do not like its typical taste. Shea butter is a natural vegetable oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Used in the diet does not affect the increase in cholesterol. It contains vitamin E, responsible for maintaining the vitality of the body. Shea butter is great for frying, and added to dishes strengthens their taste.

Do sandwiches with chocolate butter remind us of childhood times? You can enjoy this wonderful taste, in a healthy version. Cocoa butter in the form of vegetable fat has a pleasant aroma of bitter cocoa and a delicate chocolate flavor. It is a great natural addition to ice cream or desserts. Like shea butter, it is a rich source of vitamin E, polyphenols, and omega 6 and omega 9 acids.

Healthy butter for the body

Natural nutrients are reliable during care. Both shea butter and cocoa butter are great natural cosmetics for the body. Under the influence of the heat of the hand, the butter melts, turning into oil. In this form it will work well as a highly moisturizing body balm or hair mask, and in combination with sugar as a lip peeling. Shea butter added to the bath wraps the skin with a delicate protective layer, and the massage with aromatic cocoa butter will provide relaxation for the body and senses.

Butter of both animal and vegetable origin is a healthy element of every diet. It provides the body with essential vitamins and goes well with the dishes. Its beneficial effects are also observed during use as a natural cosmetic for body care. One product - many uses!

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