You will find out why you will never buy coconut milk in a carton again :)

This recipe meets all the conditions of the ideal recipe. It's fast, simple and cheap :)

Real coconut milk

1. You can make them fresh at any time, exactly as much as you need in less than 60 seconds :)

2. You will always have a stock at hand.

2. It will not have any preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

3. It will be exactly how you like it!

4. In your pocket will be 90% of the money that you have spent so far on milk :)

The recipe base is coconut paste. Why pasta, not shavings like in some recipes?

The basis for each good recipe is the best and the least processed ingredients. Coconut paste is just such a component.

Just mix the coconut paste with water in the proportion of 2 teaspoons of paste for each glass of water.

The only condition - water can not be cold, then coconut oil will be thrown on it. The best will be lukewarm water at a temperature of about 25 degrees.

We turn on the blender and it's ready :)

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    • Kata
    • 2018-12-05 10:46:56
    Cześć, takie mleko chyba traktujemy wtedy jako zwykłe "kartonowe". Jakie proporcje trzeba przyjąć, żeby wyszło nam mleko gęste "z puszki", min. 60% kokosa?

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