Pasta is a tasty element of many dishes, but is often perceived as a high-calorie product, standing on the way to the dream figure. This is of course a myth, however, traditional pasta has its counterpart in an even healthier form - high quality BIO pasta. See how valuable our pasta is and do not hesitate to buy - we deliver it to your home for free!

Pasta made of buckwheat flour

Delicate taste and richness of minerals - this is the shortest way to describe ecological buckwheat noodles. However, due to its beneficial effects on the body, you could talk about it for a long time. The taste and properties of pasta depend on the flour used for its production. To make buckwheat pasta, the highest quality buckwheat flour and spring water are used. In addition, buckwheat flour has pro-health properties, which is why the pasta made from it is a wholesome element of a healthy diet. Contains calcium and magnesium, has a high content of essential protein and fiber for the body, sustaining for a long time.

Brown rice perfect for pasta

For a long time brown rice has been appreciated by people who lead a healthy lifestyle. An equally valuable product is wholegrain rice noodles, produced from organic crops of brown rice. Such pasta provides a feeling of fullness and regulates the level of glucose in the blood. In addition, by consuming it, we deliver to the body a dose of magnesium and vitamins. The exceptionally low sugar content makes rice noodles a perfect product for people on a slimming diet.

Wholemeal pasta

Produced from durum wheat from organic farming, wholemeal bio pasta, is a great alternative to ordinary wheat pasta. The unhealthy wholemeal flour is responsible for its valuable health and nutritional properties. Consuming wholemeal pasta regulates the body's work - it is a source, protein, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. And due to the high fiber content, one serving of pasta provides a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Delicious dishes made of high quality organic pasta

They are a great supplement to many dishes - they enrich their taste and at the same time constitute a full-fledged element of a given meal. They taste great served savory and sweet. Add pasta to fruits, salads or prepare a casserole - enjoy the flavors, cooking tasty and healthy for the whole family!

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