We have already written about almond flour several times. However, it is a product that enjoys such popularity and interest of our customers that we decided to devote one more text to it. Here is another portion of knowledge about almond flour - a unique and tasty product.

What is almond flour?

Almond flour is nothing but ground almonds. Most often it is made of blanched almonds, devoid of the characteristic brown skin - it is then brighter and has a slightly milder taste than that made of almonds in the skin.

Flour with almonds in a nutshell

We have already written a little about almond flour and its health-promoting properties HERE. Today we present the most important facts about this product:

Almond flour compared to cereal flours (so the ones we most often use in the kitchen) is low carb. As a reminder, cereal flour contains approx. 75% carbohydrates, while almond flours contain 20%.
The most popular flour - that is, for example, wheat in comparison with almond flour contains very few vitamins and minerals. We only remind you that there is a lot of vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and selenium in almond flour.
In almond flour is more than 20% protein and not just any, because it has a favorable amino acid profile.
It's a gluten-free meal.
You'll find a lot of fiber in it! In a glass of almond paste - 100g of product is almost 13g of valuable fiber!
It is nutritious - products with almond flour in the composition are filling. This is because it contains a lot of protein (as described above).
It has a low glycemic index - its food does not cause rapid insulin episodes and blood sugar spikes.
How to use almond flour?

The most characteristic feature of almond flour is its taste. It's a natural, delicate sweetness with a unique almond aroma. This flour is great for any baking, crumbs, pancakes or also as an ingredient of vegan parmesan cheese (together with yeast flakes) - the recipe can be found HERE, whereas flour is HERE.

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