Agave syrup has become fashionable as an alternative to sugar. It is especially recommended for slimming people and diabetics. What is it about? It is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar, but has a much lower glycemic index and works great in the kitchen. Let's take a closer look at this product and see how to use it.

Agave syrup is also called agave nectar. It is a sweetener produced in Mexico with some plants from the agave family. It is pleasant in taste. It resembles slightly diluted honey, but has a lower glycemic index (average, percentage increase in blood glucose, measured two / three hours after a meal).


The syrup is made from the juice obtained from the core of the plant. It is then filtered and heated until a concentrated liquid that resembles syrup is obtained. Depending on the production method, its color may vary from light to dark.

Application of agave nectar

Agave syrup is a component that appears in many recipes. It is used instead of sugar or honey. It is used as a sweetener in cold and warm drinks, such as tea and coffee (because it dissolves easily in water). Agave syrup can have different colors: light, amber or dark. Bright has a very mild and almost neutral taste. It is used in delicate dishes and drinks. Amber, in turn, is very expressive, sweet, with an intense caramel note. It is added to dishes and drinks with a strong aroma. Dark dessert, poultry, meat or seafood are added to the dark syrup, the strongest.

Agave syrup for health

Ecological agave syrup is 1.5 times sweeter than white sugar. This means that to obtain a satisfactory level of sweetness it is enough to use it less than commonly used sweeteners. In addition, important information for health-conscious people is that nectar contains fiber and inulin as well as natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. Agave syrup also has a significantly lower glycemic index compared to white sugar and is therefore recommended to people who care about the line or have diabetes.

What can you prepare with agave syrup (

Sesame bars with agave syrup

What do we need for sesame bar with agave syrup?


300 g sesame seeds
125 g of rice syrup
125 g of agave syrup
50 g chopped nuts
2 tablespoons of water
Vegetable oil for lubricating the sheet


1. Grain the sesame seeds on a large pan without using fat. Syrup of rice and agave, pour water into a pot and heat, stirring intensively. Boil and leave on low heat for about 7 minutes, stirring constantly. While cooking, collect and discard the resulting foam.

2. Add sesame and chopped nuts at the end of cooking. Mix well. Pour the layer of mass over the 1 cm thick on the baking tray with the previously greased oil. Cool and put in the fridge until the mass has solidified well. Cut the knife into rectangles and serve. Instead of nuts, you can also add sliced ​​almonds without peel.

Millet cookies with agave syrup

How to prepare millet cookies with agave syrup?


125 g of chopped almonds
50 g of agave syrup
40 g of millet flour (
25 g nuts
200 ml of soya cream


Place the almonds in a hot skillet and brown without adding fat. Add the millet flour, soya cream, nuts, agave syrup and mix well. Boil and keep on low heat until it thickens strongly. With a small spoon, put portions of dough on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Crush the dough by forming a flat cookie. Bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Remember that baked goods with the addition of syrup are browning faster, so it is best to look while baking, if the cookies are not too hot.

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