It is true that our Wednesday cycle was supposed to concern healthy eating, but before we get to issues related to food, there is another aspect of our life that needs to be addressed when talking about "programming" health, which is physical activity. The issue, as well as those concerning irrigation and sleep, could seem quite trivial and obvious, but often it is with these points you have more difficulties than with the introduction of eating habits.

So that we understand each other, it does not mean that everyone has to visit the gym every day, run 10 km, etc. It's about everyday activity, natural for people, such as walking, even cleaning - if you take care of house cleaning, you do not get it right away hotter? Such seemingly undemanding factors greatly influence the course of metabolic processes and, as a result, the energy spent during the day. Look at how much activity you have during the day - I especially recommend it to those of you who avoid physical activity understood as practicing sports, because you may be concerned with the problem of too little activity.

The World Health Organization recommends daily activities at the level of 10,000 steps - it seems quite a lot at first glance? The watches designed for this purpose or applications that you can install on your phones will undoubtedly be helpful in monitoring the level of activity. Often they are a built-in function in the device, you just need to find and enable it . The advantage of such watches or applications is measuring and sort of "recalculating" activity to the appropriate number of steps. For example - a watch set for a daily target of 10,000 steps, strength training lasting about 60 minutes is considered as more than 100% of daily activity!

I encourage you, even if you do not want to monitor it constantly, to check, although how your activity is shaped. If your work requires you to stand, walk (eg waiter, saleswoman), you can wonder how many steps you put every day. In turn, if you sit at your desk most of the day, everywhere you drive a car, it is worth realizing how big a traffic deficit you have to complete.

Author of the text: Monika Podos from Kułaga Synergy -

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