Canihua is another plant originating from Peru and Bolivia, whose properties amaze doctors and nutrition experts. It is hard to believe that tiny seeds - reminiscent of the poppy we know - conceal such power. Here's all you need to know about canihua.

Canihua is a product that is not widely known in our country. It's a pity, because in the tiny grains of this plant there is health itself. Canihua (pronounced kaniłła) owes its unusual properties to the area from which it derives. It grows at an altitude of approx. 4000 m in the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world. To survive in such difficult conditions it must be extremely resistant to the harsh mountain climate: humidity, wind, low temperatures.

Why is cahihua so special?

Physicians and nutritionists are fully appreciated for the properties of this plant for several reasons.

The first thing. Canihua is an extremely valuable source of fiber. It is perfectly sated, improves digestion and is irreplaceable when trying to have a slender figure.
Canihua can also be characterized by high iron content (100 g satisfies as much as 60% of the daily requirement), important for the cardiovascular system and proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. Here, however, you must remember that a meal with canihua eat together with products rich in vitamin C, i.e. for example: green parsley, paprika, spinach or Brussels sprouts, which improves the absorption of this element.
Another important mineral that can be found in canihua is zinc, necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, nice hair and nails.
There is also a lot of folic acid, which is needed especially for women planning pregnancy, because it determines the proper development of the fetus and prevents the defects of the nervous system in children.
The list of healthy ingredients is supplemented with vitamins in the B group, phosphorus, calcium and antioxidants, as well as gluten-free, well-absorbed protein.

Who should consume canihua seeds?

Canihua will be a valuable enrichment of the diet, especially for the elderly, struggling with anemia, problems with the skin or hair, as well as athletes. Because it is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, it should be on the menu of each of us. It strengthens the immune system and as it does not contain gluten it can be used by people on elimination diets with intolerance to this ingredient.

How to use canihua?

It's easy! You can cook canihua beans like porridge and serve for lunch or dinner, or add to different dishes. In traditional Peruvian cuisine, canihua seeds were first roasted, ground, and then made into a porridge, or added to drinks. The properties of this unusual mountain plant, however, should be used in a wider way, eg adding it to the dough. Baked cakes with the addition of canihua gain a dark appearance and taste, which is referred to as primitive, raw, traditional and noble. These grains are also great as a component of meat, fish, soup thickening, or a component of puddings or stuffing with vegetables and dumplings. It can also be added to breakfast cereals and cocktails.
Canihua powder can also be used as a substitute for chocolate for desserts, cakes and even as an addition to milk. In this way, we will obtain a drink resembling cocoa. Roasted canihua is a perfect, healthy snack. It is prepared in the same way as corn popcorn. (And since you speak about popcorn - did you see THIS?) Https://

Canihua seeds can also be an interesting variety for other kinds of groats, rice, potatoes or French fries. Sometimes, it is even called a cousin of a more-known quinoa (about the komosie we wrote HERE, and also HERE -komos-rice-or-to-reality-superfood, nId, 1841570).

How to cook canihua?

It is prepared in the same way as with a millet. Grain a glass of beans with 2 cups of water and cook for 15 minutes under cover, stirring occasionally. Then leave it for about 5 minutes. You can add a small amount of butter (necessarily clarified or coconut oil (HERE /oleje/167-bio-olej-kokosowy-extra-virgin-nierafinowany-ekologiczny-270ml-900ml-ekogram.html and HERE o-ktorych-powinnas-wiedziec-a_9844) and mix. Canihua does not require a long rinse, because her grains are deprived of saponin compounds, so they do not have a bitterness, the taste of which does not suit everyone.

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