How not to be on a diet and enjoy food - an interview with a dietitian

I had a few questions for Agnieszka, and it resulted in an hour-long conversation about popular mistakes that we make when starting to eat healthy. If you do not want to be on a diet and enjoy food, you must see! read more

How to cook quinoa

How to cook quinoa read more

Wielki test mlek roślinnych - nic nie widzę

Test 12 mlek roślinnych. Testuje 6 mlek migdałowych i 6 mlek ryżowych kupionych w różnych marketach. Porównuję skład, cenę i smak nic nie widząc. Zobacz które mi smakuje. read more

Organic food - facts and myths - conversation with dr hab. Ewelina Hallmann

Postanowiłem zaczerpnąć informacji u samego źródła. Pani dr hab. Ewelina Hallmann jest autorką ponad 200 artykułów naukowych związanych z rolnictwem ekologicznym.  read more

Wszystko co powinieneś wiedzieć o makaronie

Poznaj tajemnice makaronu. Rozmowa z ekspertem. Moim gościem jest Michał odpowiadający za produkt w Bartolini. read more

Does good bread have to be expensive? Conversation with a real baker.

Learn the secrets of baking real bread, an interview with Bogdan Smolarz.Poznaj tajemnice wypieku prawdziwego chleba, rozmowa z Bogdanem Smolarzem. read more

How to Choose Right Peanut Butter

In stores we have a wealth of various butters, pastes and nut creams. It's hard to find it. That's why I decided to prepare this guide for you. read more

Types of food salt - which one to choose?

Food salt is a difficult topic. This spice gives the dishes taste, and in addition provides many valuable minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and manganese. read more

Dlaczego warto jeść suszone owoce?

More and more people pay attention to what lands in their basket. That's great! It's time to take dried fruits under the microscope. read more

Why is it worth eating nuts?

They are nutritious, filling and have beneficial effects on the whole body. Why is it worth eating nuts and do you have to be afraid of a high fat content in even a small portion? What are the health properties of nuts? Can nuts help lose weight despite its high calorie? How to eat them? In this article we will dispel all doubts about nuts. read more
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