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Posted in : "2016 - Sierpień"

  • A real recipe for coconut milk
    A real recipe for coconut milk
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    You will find out why you will never buy coconut milk in a carton ... This recipe meets all the conditions of the ideal recipe. It's fast, simple and cheap :)

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  • Perfect waffle recipe!
    Perfect waffle recipe!
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    Most of us summer is associated with the smell of warm waffles with whipped cream and fruits that are so popular in coastal towns. Waffles are not only the taste of summer, but also a universal snack, loved by adults and children, served sweet, savory or "dry". It is therefore worth preparing them yourself at home - especially that it is not too labor-intensive. The secret to good waffles is the recipe for the cake, and therefore: Ladies and Gentlemen

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  • Erythritol - the best sugar substitute
    Erythritol - the best sugar substitute
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    Erythritol, also called erythritol, is considered a healthy replacement for sugar. This product is popular not only among users, but also the trust of doctors who have been warning against the effects of excessive sugar consumption for years. What exactly is the substance, how it is made and how to use it? In this post you will find the answers to all these questions. The fact is that we eat a lot of sugar and from an early age. Most

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