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  • Nigari - a spice you need to get to know
    Nigari - a spice you need to get to know
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    Yoshikawa Nigari is a spice whose name sounds very exotic and somewhat mysterious. The veil of mystery is evaded when we say that it is sea salt, but not so ordinary. It is worth getting acquainted with the qualities of this spice, because it not only gives the dishes a taste, but also is a healthier and more valuable alternative to commonly used kitchen salt in our kitchens. Hold on tight - we present NIGARI.

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  • Why is it worth eating a kamut?
    Why is it worth eating a kamut?
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    Kamut is the oldest durum wheat strain known to humanity. In ancient times, it was cultivated in Egypt and Mesopotamia. This cereal, also called the "Pharaoh seed", is an ancient variety of durum wheat. Kamut is a rich source of nutrients valuable for health. In this text we will present the most important information about this particular variety of wheat and we will explain why it is worth changing younger varieties into kamut.

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  • Quinoa - 3 surprising recipes using this product
    Quinoa - 3 surprising recipes using this product
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    More and more people are looking for a varied diet. Taking care of health and a balanced diet, we care about both the taste of the dishes and the visual ones - it is nice when the meal looks interesting on the plate. We should not forget that first we "eat with our eyes". Besides, preparing meals for household members, guests are pleasantly surprised by something new, exotic and unique, and to this tasty and aromatic. them

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  • Teff - 2 recipes using this product
    Teff - 2 recipes using this product
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    A lot of people are struggling with the need to maintain a gluten-free diet. Currently, it is much easier for them to buy adequate food than a dozen or so years ago. There are specialized stores offering healthy and organic food to their customers. Unfortunately, the range of gluten-free products is relatively narrow, which condemns people forced to maintain such a diet for boredom in the kitchen. However, it is available for purchase

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