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  • What to use instead of sugar?
    What to use instead of sugar?
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    We all theoretically know about the proven harmfulness of sugar. In practice, it turns out that we often exceed the daily dose recommended by dieticians. Not only our eating habits are vinegar, but also the fact that sugar, due to its preservative properties, is added to many other products, which we do not even know often. For the sake of your own health, it is good to replace white sugar, its healthier and less calorific resp

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  • Dried fruit - is it really a healthy snack?
    Dried fruit - is it really a healthy snack?
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    Considering what choice of dried fruit we currently have on store shelves, it is hard to imagine that only a few years ago dried fruits were present on our tables in the vast majority of winters and in the form of dried Christmas Eve compote. Today we eat them throughout the year. It is said that dried fruit is a great, healthy snack and variety in the daily diet. Is it really?

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  • The herb of youth: Cistus
    The herb of youth: Cistus
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    Cistus is herb, which has recently become a real hit of ecological stores and greenhouses. Its beneficial properties have been known for over 2 thousand. years. Notes about the purge appear, among others in the treatise of the famous healer Saint. Hildegarda, who was involved in herbal medicine. Where did the popularity of this plant come from and why is it worth a closer look?

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