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Posted in : "2019 - Luty"

  • Pine nuts vs cedar nuts
    Pine nuts vs cedar nuts
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    Most of us associate mainly pine nuts, but the family of pinoles is much larger and even more interesting. Piniole is the seeds of selected pine species growing all over the world. There are already around 29 species known, but most of them are only available locally.

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  • Vegan potato pancakes
    Vegan potato pancakes
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    The best potato pancakes are the Jadlonomi recipe from the book NOWA JADLONOMIA. I would recommend! This is a vegan version of pies without egg and wheat flour.

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  • Epsom salt - use, price, where to buy?
    Epsom salt - use, price, where to buy?
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    Epsom salt, though similar to table salt, has a much wider application. It is a natural mineral compound - magnesium sulfate, which works well in the kitchen, in cosmetics and even in agriculture. Focusing on the use of epsom salts in care, it is worth knowing the possibilities of its use.

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  • Vegan parmesan
    Vegan parmesan
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    You will make vegan parmesan in 30 seconds. I like these recipes the most. Tasty, quick and easy.

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