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Posted in : "2015 - Grudzień"

  • Why is it worth eating black cumin?
    Why is it worth eating black cumin?
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    Can you imagine a wonderful remedy that affects almost any ailment? Although it seems impossible, the Egyptians in ancient times considered black cumin to be a plant that is able to fight all diseases. Today, it turns out that in many matters these observations are confirmed by the greatest medical authorities. Czarnuszka is an excellent means of combating bacteria, viruses and improving various shortcomings of beauty. It is worth it, therefore

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  • Legumes - an excellent source of protein
    Legumes - an excellent source of protein
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    Until recently, leguminous vegetables were considered to be food for the poor. After a wave of delight over various exotic products from the group of super foods, the time has come to return to native products. And very well, because modern kitchen has greatly utilized them using the maximum of their healthy composition, taste and appearance. Here are some reasons why you should eat legumes. Leguminous vegetables have a great sate, they do not cost much and you can eat them

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  • Chia seed oil - 3 reasons why you should use it
    Chia seed oil - 3 reasons why you should use it
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    Chia seed oil has similar properties to the seeds of this unusual plant. It is rich in ingredients that have a very positive effect on our body. Why is it worth including this oil in your diet? Here are a few reasons. Chia oil, next to a multitude of vitamins and micronutrients, is distinguished by the highest content of omega 3 acids that can be obtained from plants. Thus, it becomes a commendable component that supplements a valuable, balanced diet

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  • Berberis - what is it?
    Berberis - what is it?
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    Barberries are becoming more and more common in health food stores. And here in the mind of many people the question arises: turn it into your diet or not? We advise: TURN ON! Why? It turns out that in this inconspicuous plant there are many pro-health properties. It is worth reaching for it, especially now, in autumn and winter. Fruits, dried leaves, or barberry bark is after all health at your fingertips. Let's check what is worth knowing

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