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  • 3 vegan recipes
    3 vegan recipes
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    Vegan cuisine excludes the use of animal products. The basis of vegan dishes are vegetables, tofu, soy milk or agave syrup. In this way, you can replace meat, fish, eggs and even honey. The transition to a vegan diet requires changing eating habits and more conscious composition of meals, so that in the everyday menu there are products that fully cover the demand for energy, vitamins and microelements. 

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  • Chicory Inulin - 5 facts that will convince you to buy this product
    Chicory Inulin - 5 facts that will convince you to buy this product
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    Chicory inulin is one of those products that quickly won the hearts of those who care for a healthy lifestyle. Everybody can be convinced of its beneficial effects on our body. This natural probiotic is available in the form of a powder, which can be added to meat, baked goods or yogurt in an absolutely easy way. Below are 5 arguments for eating chicory inulin.

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  • Hemp flour - why eat it?
    Hemp flour - why eat it?
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    Hemp flour is made from ground hemp seeds. It does not contain gluten, but a lot of protein and minerals. It is very well suited for baking and cooking. The slightly nutty aroma enriches the taste of many dishes, and the considerable energy value makes dishes prepared with it nutritious and filling. However, this is not the only advantages of this product. Here's what else is worth knowing about him.

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