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Posted in : "2015 - Listopad"

  • Brazil nuts - a source of health and beauty
    Brazil nuts - a source of health and beauty
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    Brazil nuts are one of the more popular snacks. Even people who do not pay much attention to the composition of the diet, associate their unusual, oblong shape for even tasty and filling student mixes. Obviously the biggest nuts of this mixture are the fruit of the Brazilian nut. Few people know that they are valued not only for their taste, but also for pro-health properties. What? see

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  • Young barley - is it really such a hit?
    Young barley - is it really such a hit?
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    Some time ago a young barley appeared on the Polish market, which according to many reports is responsible for the slim silhouettes of many celebrities. According to media reports, young barley is easy to lose weight, is 100% natural, healthy, improves skin tone, hair and nails status, and also causes an increase in energy and vitality. It is difficult to recommend a better one. And how is it really? Let's check it.

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  • How to use milk thistle?
    How to use milk thistle?
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    Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a plant that many of us consider to be an ordinary thistle. Often it attracts the eye with beautiful purple flowers, but its health properties are usually unknown. Time to change it, because this plant is a real phenomenon.

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