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Posted in : "2016 - Styczeń"

  • physalis - why is it worth eating?
    physalis - why is it worth eating?
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    The edible physalis occurs under various names. Because it originally comes from Peru, it is often called the Peruvian berry, but it is also known as Peruvian cherry or Brazilian raisin. Equally interesting, what names the bellows and its origin, are the properties of this plant. So let's check why it's worth eating.

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  • Ghee - everything that you would like to know about clarified butter
    Ghee - everything that you would like to know about clarified butter
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    Ghee is a concept derived from Indian cuisine and means clarified butter. Ayurveda assigns him a whole range of positive properties that are beneficial to health. In our cultural circle is more known mainly due to its culinary qualities, but it's time to change it. This is why you should be interested in ghee.

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  • What is matcha?
    What is matcha?
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    Although it looks inconspicuous, it is a real treasure of nature. Powdered green tea, because that's what we're talking about, stands out with its unusual taste and is supposed to have a fantastic effect on health. For its preparation, the leaves are harvested in a way that is significantly different from the traditional tea harvest. Let's see how much truth is involved and whether it is worth making friends with this type of tea.

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