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Author: karolina mazur

  • Types of food salt - which one to choose?
    Types of food salt - which one to choose?
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    Food salt is a difficult topic. This spice gives the dishes taste, and in addition provides many valuable minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and manganese.

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  • Dlaczego warto jeść suszone owoce?
    Dlaczego warto jeść suszone owoce?
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    More and more people pay attention to what lands in their basket. That's great! It's time to take dried fruits under the microscope.

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  • Why is it worth eating nuts?
    Why is it worth eating nuts?
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    They are nutritious, filling and have beneficial effects on the whole body. Why is it worth eating nuts and do you have to be afraid of a high fat content in even a small portion? What are the health properties of nuts? Can nuts help lose weight despite its high calorie? How to eat them? In this article we will dispel all doubts about nuts.

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  • Superfood - natural and healthy food
    Superfood - natural and healthy food
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    Superfood is a natural healthy food with extraordinary properties. No more artificial dietary supplements - well-balanced, nutritious meals and vitamin bombs in the form of superfood are enough for you. Or maybe you have a deficiency in the body? Do you want to improve your health? Below is a list of superfoods products that will help you learn how to eat healthy and tasty.

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  • Coconut flour
    Coconut flour
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    It is a great replacement for traditional wheat flour - in addition it is healthy and gives the dishes a unique taste - coconut flour, it's about it. It is a completely natural product that is widely used in the kitchen. It is also an excellent solution for people whose body does not tolerate gluten, and additionally contains fiber and protein. What other properties does the coconut flour have and how much is it? Where is the best way to buy it, to be sure that the selected product is full...

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  • Ashwagandha
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    Did you know that ashwagandha, originating from Ayurvedic medicine, has been valued for multi-directional action on the body for years? Ingredients contained in the plant affect the processes occurring in the body, acting, inter alia, strengthening and anti-stress.

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  • Epsom salt - use, price, where to buy?
    Epsom salt - use, price, where to buy?
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    Epsom salt, though similar to table salt, has a much wider application. It is a natural mineral compound - magnesium sulfate, which works well in the kitchen, in cosmetics and even in agriculture. Focusing on the use of epsom salts in care, it is worth knowing the possibilities of its use.

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  • A new brand of BIO products in Rossman
    A new brand of BIO products in Rossman
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    One of the largest drugstore chains in Europe, Rossman, extends its assortment with new products. We have been able to buy there for a long time, not only cosmetics, perfumes or household chemicals, but also food products.

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  • Flour - which to choose on a diet?
    Flour - which to choose on a diet?
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    Flour is an inseparable element of many dishes. During the diet, we try to choose the one that is the least calorific. It is also important to ensure that the flour delivers vitamins to our body that are often lacking during the diet. There are many types available on the health food market. Check which flour to choose at the same time to be the lightest and most valuable.

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  • Red or green - which lentils to choose and what are the differences between them?
    Red or green - which lentils to choose and what are the differences between them?
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    Lentils are an invaluable product due to their valuable nutritional properties, used by many in their daily diet. There are several varieties - including red and green. So, which lentil to choose? Are there differences between them other than color? We explain what are the properties of both types of lentils and what distinguishes them.

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  • BIO High quality pasta
    BIO High quality pasta
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    Pasta is a tasty element of many dishes, but is often perceived as a high-calorie product, standing on the way to the dream figure. This is of course a myth, however, traditional pasta has its counterpart in an even healthier form - high quality BIO pasta. See how valuable our pasta is and do not hesitate to buy - we deliver it to your home for free!

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  • Vegetable products rich in protein
    Vegetable products rich in protein
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    Protein is one of the basic ingredients of a healthy diet. In order to provide the body with its necessary amount, you should consume products containing this valuable ingredient. However, in everyday diets, there are often products that are a source of wholesome protein. Against this problem, there are protein-rich plant products. On their basis you can prepare many delicious and healthy dishes. We suggest which of them contain the most protein.

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